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Welcome to Séchoir; we’re here to show you the very latest in Fashion & Beauty. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes at fashion shows, beauty shoots and all the places you wish you could go, and we’ll tell you who’s wearing what and where you can get it.

And if you’re an apparel or accessories designer or beauty company, let us showcase your brand and style to the world - contact us to set up a time to chat.

Tanya Dempsey

Tanya Dempsey

Founder Tanya Dempsey has years of experience both behind and in front of the camera (she was that scream queen running away from that demon - in her underwear). Although Tanya began as a model and actress, she was immediately drawn to the fashion and production side of filming. This led to assisting the wardrobe departments, becoming a stylist, and eventually producing her own content.

Tanya found that she had a real knack for putting together teams of individuals who could execute her unique vision of storytelling in the world of beauty and fashion brands. The desire to bring this idea to life led to the birth of Séchoir.

Tanya and her talented team can bring their on and off-screen expertise to you; whether it's a narrative, an interview, video look book, promo or sizzle piece, Séchoir brings out the best in you, your business, and your line - so let’s get to it!



Tanya Dempsey

Tanya Dempsey
Founder & CEO/Fashion Stylist

Favorite clothing item: A killer dress
Favorite beauty product: BB Cream
Style motto: "Designer, meets vintage, meets attainable glam."

Lauren Atchison

Lauren Atchison
VP/Director of Video Content

Favorite clothing item: Motorcycle Boots
Favorite beauty product: Smudged black eyeliner
Style motto: "Moveable and urban-chic clothing for spontaneous handstands."

Leah Dempsey

Leah Dempsey
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist

Favorite clothing item: Jewelry - more is more
Favorite beauty product: Red lipstick
Style motto: "Chanel with an edge."

Lisa Dempsey

Lisa Dempsey
Creative Director

Favorite clothing item: A good shoe
Favorite beauty product: Liquid eyeliner
Style motto: "Statement hats, basic tees, and tattoos."



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clothes dryer, hair dryer, clothes horse.


a person, typically a woman, who is excessively
concerned with wearing fashionable clothes.